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Cable Management System Product Finder

Posted by Mark Bresnahan on Jun 11, 2015 3:18:00 PM

You’ll Zip Right through this Innovative Tool!

The applications for cable ties are as diverse as they are easy to use. At the heart of their purpose is organization. And we all know that when we’re organized, we find things easier, work flows more effortlessly, and time efficiencies are maximized. It’s in this spirit that we’ve created our Product Finder.



Cobra Low Profile Ties® and the FLEXROUTE® cable management system allow you so many cable management options—and we know it can feel overwhelming when trying to decide what the best fit is for your next job. So we figured it’s only right for us to make the process of finding the perfect cable management system as easy.   

On our website, we’ve recently rolled out an interactive tool, the Product Finder. This innovative approach to quick and easy answers when looking for the right tools to get the job done aligns with Cobra’s versatile and convenient cable harnessing and bundling solutions. The Product Finder is designed with a focus on the usability and convenience for all cable tie users—helping you find the cable tie, application tool, or mounting setup that best suits your application requirements.


It’s easy to use. Plug in your search parameters: material type, bundle diameter, tensile strength, color, and head/tail design. Relevant cable tie product results are then displayed for either hassle-free ordering, or site visitors can fill out a “request for quote” form. Other features include color-coded progression indicators and navigation cues to guide users through the selection process. Cobra’s website has a mobile-responsive design, enabling the tool to automatically conform to the browser and screen-size of a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

With the simple click of a mouse, this intuitive tool makes the zip tie selection process as easy as possible. For everyone from an electrical OEM looking to secure wire bundles and harness components, a boat mechanic arranging cobbled engine-wires, to a bicyclist trying to manage derailleurs, seat dropper posts, and brake cables with the best bicycle cable clamp solution—the Product Finder caters to everyone with any cable management need. If you need it, the Product Finder will do just that, with our comprehensive database of cable ties, mounts, and tools.


Test-drive the new Product Finder, make a purchase, and receive a 10% discount on retail purchases through September 2015, visit Once you’ve navigated through the Product Finder, enter this coupon code, ZIPFIND10, upon checkout to get a 10% discount (for retail purchases only; good through September 2015).

You’ll not only find out how versatile our cable management system is, but how simple it is to find the right fit for your needs. It’s an easy solution for finding the application tool, mounting setup, or zip tie on the fly!


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