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Are C Clips the Best Bicycle Cable Clamps Out There?

Posted by Mark Bresnahan on Mar 26, 2015 9:21:35 PM

Comparing Bicycle Cable Routing Options

Spring has officially arrived, though winter has left some baggage behind on the way out. While the roads and trails might still be littered with potholes and laden with snow and ice, die-hard cyclists are beginning to pepper the landscape once again. A true rite of spring and harbinger of warmer weather and more pleasant riding conditions to come, we thought we’d get our heads into the cycling game and provide a comparison of cable management options to help you prepare for the cycling season ahead.

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The FLEXROUTE and Your Next Custom-Built Bike

Posted by Mark Bresnahan on Mar 3, 2015 2:57:00 PM

Cable Management System for Cyclists

As in any sport, our choice of equipment is subjective. It’s based on comfort, ease, safety, style—and most importantly—performance. Turn that up 10 notches in cycling. It’s a sport where your equipment isn’t sleek only for style considerations, but can be a matter of life or … living with scrapes and bruises and, well, some good road stories, literally. Your bike is an extension of you and the road or trail or mud or snow—whatever elements you grit through on a ride.

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Optimize Safety with Cobra Low Profile Ties and FLEXROUTE

Posted by Mark Bresnahan on Nov 25, 2014 10:58:28 AM

Pain-Free Cable Management

Hard work doesn’t have to be hard on your body. Having the right tools to get the job done makes tough jobs easier—and your tools certainly shouldn’t injure you. Not only are Cobra® low profile ties safer than traditional ties, they are designed to streamline your fastening jobs, leaving no protrusion behind once secured. This is particularly vital when working in tight spaces, as you don’t have to fight with limited allowances to get the job done.

Tight spaces like this could use Cobra ties and FLEXROUTE universal cable guide to keep things safe and organized. 

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FLEXROUTE for Industrial Use Solutions

Posted by Mark Bresnahan on Oct 1, 2014 4:57:00 PM

Finding its Niche, Literally

We all know how versatile, sleek, and safe Cobra® low profile cable ties are. You might have used them at home to secure 30-gallon plastic bags full of clothes to donate to charity or to fix a rogue hose on the pump of your pool filter. And we love them for that. But Cobra cable ties are made of—and for—sturdier stuff. Combine them with the FLEXROUTE™ universal cable guide, and the capabilities they enable you to create are limited only by your imagination. For you systems experts, maintenance directors, and design engineers—your vast application senses work overtime when finding solutions to all kinds of scenarios. We’re here for you.         

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