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The FLEXROUTE and Your Next Custom-Built Bike

Posted by Mark Bresnahan on Mar 3, 2015 2:57:00 PM

Cable Management System for Cyclists

As in any sport, our choice of equipment is subjective. It’s based on comfort, ease, safety, style—and most importantly—performance. Turn that up 10 notches in cycling. It’s a sport where your equipment isn’t sleek only for style considerations, but can be a matter of life or … living with scrapes and bruises and, well, some good road stories, literally. Your bike is an extension of you and the road or trail or mud or snow—whatever elements you grit through on a ride.


We love our custom bikes. Whether we buy them off the rack and modify them (like that old ‘Stang your dad worked on in the garage for years), build them from scratch, or acquire the expertise of a pro to create the bike of your dreams for you, we want them—need them— to fit us on every level. They need to fit our budget and lifestyle. They have to be a comfortable fit, physically. We have preferences for saddle height (which may change, depending on the trail adventure of the day) and clips, hard tails or shocks, aero bars or retro, you know the drill.

The Bones of Your Bike

Those are the obvious, “surface” elements of the anatomy of a bike build. And while even the same bike will feel different to each rider, at the core of each bike is the frame. It’s the skeleton of the bike. And cables are like the brain synapses affixed to the bones of your bike. You need those to transfer the energy that gets that derailleur cranking and those wheels rolling. Every cable on every frame has its place, too.

Having the right cable management system keeps them right where they belong. The FLEXROUTE® universal cable guide combined with the Cobra® Low Profile Tie is a complete fastening system for your bike. There are many places your bike will benefit from the FLEXROUTE® and Cobra® zip tie combo. When customizing your brake cables, hydraulics brakes, derailleurs, seat posts and more, this easy-to-install (and remove) cable management system makes accessorizing your frame as simple as it is stylish. Let’s talk about the bones of a mountain bike.  

Cable Routing Mounts

Mountain bike frames are traditionally built with cable routing mounts for three cables—for the rear brake, the rear derailleur, and the front derailleur. Many modern mountain bikes only need cable routing for two cables because they don't use a front derailleur due to new wide-range rear cassettes. However, some modern mountain bikes now need routing for up to five cables because of the increasing use of handlebar-mounted controls for adjustable rear shock damping and adjustable height seat posts. This makes it hard to plan the fabrication of a frame because you don't always know how the bike will be set up and how many cable routing mounts you will need.


The FLEXROUTE® cable management system will give a sleeker look to this ride.

If you plan for the scenario with the most cables and put five sets on the frame and then only two are utilized, the frame looks very ugly due to all the unused cable mounts. Some large-volume bike frame manufacturers are dealing with this issue by incorporating internal cable routing designs, but this method has its flaws as well, including an increased difficulty in maintenance and component swapping. This is where universal cable routing mounts can be very useful.

Adapting to Your Needs

The FLEXROUTE® cable management system adapts to your needs; you don’t have to create old-school work-arounds for it. It forms snuggly to your frame diameter, which means no slippage. That translates to no potential scraping or damage to peripheral parts. It is strong and able to universally adapt to a range of frame and cable diameters. Pair that with the best news about the super strong and safe Cobra® Low Profile Tie—the lowest low profile tie on the market: they’re actually safer than traditional ties with their smooth, snag-proof contour. They have no barbs or spikes to injure an installer, technician, or end user, so you can nimbly position, and reposition them, it in tight places.

Features You Enjoy

  • Dynamic cable support—naturally forms to and secures a wide range of cables—from 4.5mm to 6.3mm; the FLEXROUTE XL accommodates cables from 7mm to 9.4mm
  • Recessed channel—provides the commonly used 5mm-wide zip tie with a fitted and recessed channel to avoid any longitudinal rolling along the structure during use
  • Flexible arms—will form to virtually any cable assembly or supporting structure and provide a high-friction surface that will secure the cable laterally and never shift or scratch
  • Simple install—the open cable portal allows for quick cable routing
  • Durable material—made from a flexible, strong, and impact-resistant rubber compound used in power tool grips, outdoor equipment, and weather seals designed to last in extreme temperatures and environments
  • Custom-color FLEXROUTE® available in any pantone color (minimum order)
  • Cobra® Low Profile Ties are snag-proof and barb-free

Build your bike the way you want it, need it, and use it. And creating a sleek looking ride is a bonus benefit. The FLEXROUTE® and Cobra® tie will be your partner in the shop and on the road and through the trails. See for yourself. Click below and we’ll send you a free sample pack.

 Free FLEXROUTE Sample Pack

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