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Optimize Safety with Cobra Low Profile Ties and FLEXROUTE

Posted by Mark Bresnahan on Nov 25, 2014 10:58:28 AM

Pain-Free Cable Management

Hard work doesn’t have to be hard on your body. Having the right tools to get the job done makes tough jobs easier—and your tools certainly shouldn’t injure you. Not only are Cobra® low profile ties safer than traditional ties, they are designed to streamline your fastening jobs, leaving no protrusion behind once secured. This is particularly vital when working in tight spaces, as you don’t have to fight with limited allowances to get the job done.


Tight spaces like this could use Cobra ties and FLEXROUTE universal cable guide to keep things safe and organized. 

Picture this: try to fit traditional ties into that tight space, with those barbed ends you are left with once you pull the ties tightly and snip off the excess. Then maneuver your fingers in and around those protrusions—because you are fastening multiple cables in a tight space—with barbs sticking out in all directions. Ouch. It’s common for people to use the flame of a lighter on those barbed ends to melt the sharp edge—certainly not an optimal solution in most work situations.  

And what about that tight space? How are those protruding barbs treating your equipment, hoses, cables, and products? Are there moving parts nearby or is it in an environment that is mobile or could get jostled around? Do you have allowances for slippage? Many environments don’t. Those barbs and protrusions can do damage. 

With Cobra low profile ties, that remaining tail slips back into head of the tie, leaving no exposed sharp edge to cut users. Their smooth, snag-proof contour with no barbs or spikes to injure an installer, technician, or end-user eliminates snags, cuts, and abrasions to cables, hoses, products … and you. 

As if the Cobra tie isn’t a great solution on its own, used with FLEXTROUTE™ universal cable guide, the combination for safety and cable maintenance is truly unparalleled. When used together, this duo provides the optimal method to secure, organize, and protect your products, systems, and projects. In situations where you’re dealing with high heat or a moving engine, FLEXROUTE is designed to remain secure—no slipping—which will keep wires from getting caught up in any moving parts or otherwise be exposed to environmental elements like heated parts.

Cobra Low Profile Tie and FLEXROUTE Applications

  • Routing cables in industrial buildings—especially safe and efficient in tight area such as plenums, crawl spaces, and mechanical rooms
  • Guiding delicate fiber optic cables and coaxial cables—very low compression set creates a favorable, elastic, rubberlike cushion for sensitive environments and products
  • Brake lines/electrical wires on motorized vehicles—when versatility for shape, size, and space tolerances are critical
  • Lighting and radio cables on trucks and cars—countless benefits and applications for manufacturers, mechanics, or weekend warriors upgrading with after-market items  
  • Transducer and speedometer cables on marine craft—mariners need sturdy, weather-resistant, pliable, and durable materials they can depend on to perform, whether 100 miles out or in challenging weather

FLEXROUTE’s durability and adaptability combined with Cobra’s low profile—the lowest nylon cable tie on the market—perform in a wide range of environments. As the ultimate low profile cable tie, Cobra offers superior tensile strength and robust quality that lasts. The patented “cobra” locking device fits snug to the bundle, looks great … and keeps you and your equipment safe.

Cobra ties are adaptable for many work situations and environments. Learn about the unique properties and applications that standard and low profile ties have, along with their differences, as explained in the article featured in Wiring Harness News

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