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FLEXROUTE for Industrial Use Solutions

Posted by Mark Bresnahan on Oct 1, 2014 4:57:00 PM

Finding its Niche, Literally

We all know how versatile, sleek, and safe Cobra® low profile cable ties are. You might have used them at home to secure 30-gallon plastic bags full of clothes to donate to charity or to fix a rogue hose on the pump of your pool filter. And we love them for that. But Cobra cable ties are made of—and for—sturdier stuff. Combine them with the FLEXROUTE™ universal cable guide, and the capabilities they enable you to create are limited only by your imagination. For you systems experts, maintenance directors, and design engineers—your vast application senses work overtime when finding solutions to all kinds of scenarios. We’re here for you.         


Stating the Obvious

Cobra low profile cable ties are most often used to harness and bundle wires and cables—that’s a given. The fact that they are the lowest low profile nylon tie on the market and that they are safer than traditional ties with their smooth, snag-proof contour (possessing no barbs or spikes to injure an installer, technician, or end user) make them the best choice for hefty jobs. If you haven’t used them in conjunction with the FLEXROUTE cable management system yet, you’ve been missing out on the optimal method to secure, organize, and protect your products, systems, and projects.  

Designed by Hawken Components, FLEXROUTE is a universal, durable, and simple cable management solution that keeps cable ties precisely where you intend them to be … and stay. No slippage. No potential scraping or damage to peripheral parts. It is strong and able to universally adapt to a range of cable diameters and application types within systems and projects. This cable management system adapts to your needs; you don’t have to create old-school work-arounds for it. Above all, this cable guide provides a consistent, secure, and reusable solution that protects your valuable resources. 

We Got You Covered

Manufacturing, construction, and recreational industries like bicycling and SCUBA are using this combined cable guide system with great efficacy. Cobra zip ties are RoHS and UL compliant and FLEXROUTE is made of high-quality, UV-rated thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV—a rubber compound), which, among its other properties, is chemically resistant to aggressive mediums and has extreme temperature tolerances, making it a great choice for cable management of internal systems in aerospace and aviation. This complementary cable management system is being used successfully in other high-profile industries with versatility in various applications.


  • Electrical
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Aerospace/Aviation


  • Routing cables in industrial buildings—especially safe and efficient in tight area such as plenums, crawl spaces, and mechanical rooms
  • Guiding delicate fiber optic cables and coaxial cables—very low compression set creates a favorable, elastic, rubberlike cushion for sensitive environments and products
  • Brake lines/electrical wires on motorized vehicles—when versatility for shape, size, and space tolerances are critical
  • Lighting and radio cables on trucks and cars—countless benefits and applications for manufacturers, mechanics, or weekend warriors upgrading with after-market items  
  • Transducer and speedometer cables on marine craft—mariners need sturdy, weather-resistant, pliable, and durable materials they can depend on to perform, whether 100 miles out or in challenging weather

Features You Enjoy

  • Dynamic cable support—naturally forms to and secures a wide range of cables—from 4.5mm to 6.3mm; the FLEXROUTE XL (available December 2014) accommodates cables from 7mm to 9.4mm
  • Recessed channel—provides the commonly used 5mm-wide zip tie with a fitted and recessed channel to avoid any longitudinal rolling along the structure during use
  • Flexible arms—will form to virtually any cable assembly or supporting structure and provide a high-friction surface that will secure the cable laterally and never shift or scratch
  • Simple install—the open cable portal allows for quick cable routing
  • Durable material—made from a flexible, strong, and impact-resistant rubber compound used in power tool grips, outdoor equipment, and weather seals designed to last in extreme temperatures and environments

We’ve seen these successful uses for this simple, yet revolutionary product time and time again. Its time has come. How about you?

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