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FLEXROUTE™ and Cobra® Low Profile Cable Ties

Posted by Mark Bresnahan on Aug 27, 2014 10:23:00 AM

The Perfect Complement for Cyclists


Cobra® low profile cable ties are used to harness and bundle items, most often wires and cables, but the scope of their use is limitless. Incorporate that with the FLEXROUTE™ cable management system, and the combination is remarkable. 

Designed by Hawken Components and available from Cobra Products Inc., FLEXROUTE is a universal, durable, and simple cable management solution that secures and protects both the frame and cable. The FLEXROUTE utilizes the lowest profile nylon cable tie on the market, the Cobra low profile tie. It is easy to install and ready to perform in a wide range of environments—and cyclists, in particular, are enjoying the benefits of this winning combo. The Cobra tie slides through the recessed channel in the FLEXROUTE, and together it naturally flexes and forms around the frame to provide uniform traction, which prevents scratches to the frame. 


Out with the Old

Together, the Cobra low profile tie and FLEXROUTE replace the previously existing option of solely using a cheap cable tie to fasten brake cables to a bicycle frame, which generally don’t remain secure, lending a sloppier look to the bike. More importantly, this slippage often scratches the frame in the process. As well, these less effective cable ties can also crush cable housings and hamper system components.

In with the New

The FLEXROUTE provides a universal, consistent, and secure solution that protects the frame and the cable. While it continues to utilize the great fastening capabilities of a cable tie, it goes a step further and flexes and forms around a frame, providing uniform traction that a cable tie just can't accomplish on its own.

Since frames vary infinitely both in shape and size, the idea was to make FLEXROUTE strong and durable—and able to universally adapt to a range of frame types and cable diameters.

Features You Enjoy

Dynamic cable support—naturally forms to and secures a wide range of cables

Recessed channel—provides the commonly used 5mm-wide zip tie with a fitted and recessed channel to avoid any longitudinal rolling along the frame during use

Flexible arms—will form to virtually any frame and provide a high-friction surface that will secure the cable laterally and never shift or scratch the frame

Simple install—the open cable portal allows for quick cable routing without disassembling any part of the cable system or the frame

Durable Material—made from a flexible, strong, and impact-resistant rubber compound used in power tool grips, outdoor equipment, and weather seals designed to last in extreme temperatures and environments

Keeping your ride looking sleek and upkeep easy, the FLEXROUTE and Cobra low profile cable tie combo is leading the pack—right where you’re sure to be.

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