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FLEXROUTE® XL Cable Management System Is Here!

Posted by Mark Bresnahan on May 19, 2015 9:47:00 AM

Bigger and Just as Awesome as the Original

You could probably find an assortment of cable ties in any tool box—from the novice handyman to the most seasoned construction worker. And every house has its “junk drawer,” which is usually filled with a mix of half-broken “I’ll-get-to-this-one-day” mini-projects, disenfranchised nuts and bolts, stray buttons, menus, and always, always, zip ties—as much there to help organize the drawer as they are to help with handy fixes they’ll be employed for … one day. But the Flexroute® XL universal cable guide is here to change all that. This is big news for this cable management system.


The Flexroute XL cable guide will amp up its already reliable uses to include even bigger jobs. You still get all the great features and benefits provided by this original cable management system—just more of it to allow you increased flexibility, if you will, to play with the big boys:

  • Dynamic cable support—naturally forms to and secures a wide range of cables: the Flexroute XL now accommodates cables from 7mm to 9.4mm—that’s ~1/4in to 3/8in (the original Flexroute has you covered from 4.5mm to 6.3mm—that’s 3/16in to 1/4in)
  • Recessed channel—provides zip ties from the commonly used 5mm-wide zip tie up to 8mm with a fitted and recessed channel to avoid any longitudinal rolling along the structure during use
  • Flexible arms—will form to virtually any cable assembly or supporting structure and provide a high-friction surface that will secure the cable laterally and never shift or scratch
  • Simple install—the open cable portal allows for quick cable routing
  • Durable material—made from a flexible, strong, and impact-resistant rubber compound used in power tool grips, outdoor equipment, and weather seals designed to last in extreme temperatures and environments

We know that this cable management system helps to keep your workspace clean and organized, and with the no-barb quality of the Cobra® Low Profile Cable Tie, safe as well. Now that the beefier XL can handle most common 3/8-inch rectified power cords, the cable management applications are limitless. You can wrap around beefier pipes and conduits, and secure larger cords and cables. A journeyman’s dreams come true. But the market applications go far beyond home and institutional settings.

This opens up possibilities in cable management systems for maintenance directors, systems experts, and design engineers in applications for manufacturing, construction, and recreational interests.

The scope of the Flexroute XL can be expanded in the industries it is already used in:

  • Electrical
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Aerospace/Aviation
  • Recreational

Its durability and adaptability combined with Cobra’s low profile—the lowest nylon cable tie on the market—perform in a wide range of environments. As the ultimate low profile cable tie, Cobra offers superior tensile strength and robust quality that lasts. The patented “cobra” locking device fits snugly to the bundle, keeps you and your equipment safe, and looks great. Which leads us to … both the original and the Flexroute XL are stocked in black, and are available in any Pantone color with a minimum order size.

When used together, this duo provides the optimal method to secure, organize, and protect your products, systems, and projects. Flexroute XL will allow you to take on bigger jobs and better manage the tough needs of all your work requirements and environments. Forget about cluttered drawers—this cable management system opens doors!

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