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7 Ways the FLEXROUTE Improves Your Bike

Posted by Mark Bresnahan on Feb 27, 2015 4:09:00 PM

Your custom-built bike is like an appendage—we know. You can feel every rock and root or muddy berm under your wheels with the sensitivity of the Princess and the pea. That comparison aside, the rough (and literally) tumble world of cycling requires vigilant care of your bike—from stem to saddle to wheels. The FLEXROUTE® universal cable guide combined with the Cobra® Low Profile Tie is a complete fastening system for your bike.


Improper housing of both brake and derailleur cables leads to sluggish shifting, chafing of crossed cables around the bicycle, and potential wear and tear of the bicycle components over the long haul. The FLEXROUTE® cable guide and Cobra® zip tie combo adds value by not only fastening the bicycle cables to the frame, but also by flexing and forming to each frame, providing uniform traction, which prevents any slippages and scratches to the frame.

Feel free to add your own scratches to the frame, compliments of that last tree you tried to best. The FLEXROUTE® universal cable guide and Cobra® ties are happy to support you on your bumpy journeys, and can help you improve the ride while there.

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